I am Christian, and I strongly believe in the bible. But, above all, my foundation of my faith and what I strive to live out everyday is that God loves everyone. He loves all the haters, killers, stealers, cheaters, ages, poor, smart, not-so-bright, ethnicities, races, straight, gay, and bi… So I’m going to do that to.

Do I completely yippy-do-da encourage gay marriage? I honestly don’t know. I am learning about my faith everyday, and I want to talk to people about touchy subjects like this. BUT— I know for a fact that I do not discriminate or hate if someone is GLB.

Am I as passionate fighting for gay rights or do I agree with every single opinion from people who fight for gay rights? No, but I think that’s okay. We are not made to agree and see eye-to-eye with everyone; that’s the beauty of humanity. I want to live in harmony with Christians and GLB (cheesy, but true). There’s enough hate in the world, and love should be the last topic to fight about. 

I’m a proud San Franciscan, and I am happy for the GLB couples. Am I right? Probably yes and no through different eyes, but this is what I believe.

Spread the love like butter on toast!

…don’t underestimate.
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Red Panda at San Diego Zoo by Kimberly Wong

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Photo by: Kimberly Wong :)

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Stop it stop it stop it. Omg I’m dying.
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