I’m doing so much and I want to do it all… but which is “the one”

I’ve always said to people who asked me “what do i want to be?”… an eye doctor. But… the college process has shifted my thinking. I haven’t been photo shooting in a while and photography is apart of me… but the thing is so much is apart of me now. College is being a slight drag, submitting soon, I know waiting last day, nbd. But I want my applications to be 100% right before anything. There are a couple of career choices that stand on my path: opthamologist (eye doctor), optometrist, producer, ryan-secrest kind of thing/hosting… the science and arts are spliting me apart but in a bigger scope, I’m looking at careers that involve either science&arts OR arts&economics&bussiness.

dream job: somewhere in the business/marketing-ish FASHION industry. Do I want to be a fashion photographer? SURE! Am I good enough for the job… NO. Could I get better and potentially be one? YEA. Do I know? No Clue. I know there are hipster people, skinny models, fashion gurus, hot ab-ed out men who go into this business because of what they look like, passionate about, lucky, pour their glitter-filled blood into. But there are also the business people who need to keep all these lime lightcelebs in check. yeah call them their slaves or bitches… but I love that energy. These background people are needed and wanted and can handle a lot of anything.

There are infront and behind of the camera; they are both important.

I want to be happy, and as always, I going to continue to take leaps of faith… because God and I have that kind of relationship and so far its been a great ride. 

Opaque  by  andbamnan